Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Suelyn Medeiros DUI Bust

SueLyn Mederios & Claudia Jordan hanging out in Hollywood before the DUI - they were pulled over by LAPD 2 blocks away from the club.

 The Sexiest DUI Arrestee of all time SueLyn Medeiros was arrested for DUI in Hollywood in July 2011 after sideswiping a parked car while driving a a freaking $$$ DeLorean $$$! If convicted, she could face up to six months in prison. The Sexiest Bust in History was all Caught on TAPE.

America's favorite, Sexy Boozy didn’t get off easy by pleading "no contest" (we expect her to plead "sexy") in her drunk driving case. The judge took no pity on her and sentencing this Hot, Hot model to a grand total of 10 extremely boring AA classes.

She is also responsible for $1,918 in court fines and fees. -- Considering that she has already given the world so, so much… it all feels just a little unfair...


Medeiros was also put on 3 years summary probation and sentenced to a 3-month alcohol program.

Fast Forward to 08/17/2012 and we find out that SueLyn Medeiros Bench Warrant Was Issued for this Bootyful Model

According to court records, Bootylicious SueLyn Medeiros failed to show for a court hearing on August 17 2012, where she was supposed to show proof that she completed the 3-month alcohol program and attended the 10 AA meetings ... so a bench warrant was issued for her arrest in connection with her infamous DUI bust.

... so far, no comment from Big Booty SueLyn Medeiros ... as reported by TMZ ...

Few months ago She couldn't walk a straight line, but now… she stumbled into our hearts…

UPDATE:  Sunday, October 28, 2012

Super Sexy model SueLyn Medeiros might be wanted by every man in America, but she's no longer wanted by the LAPD because the bench warrant for her arrest has been recalled.

Super hot model SueLyn failed to show up to court on August 17. Due to the no-show, a judge issued a bench warrant for her arrest and she became a fugitive wanted by the L.A. county courts. She was supposed to prove she had completed her alcohol education program stemming from her 2011 DUI arrest.

SueLyn's lawyer finally showed up in court on Friday and dropped off paperwork proving she'd completed the alcohol education program and the judge recalled the warrant.

BUUUUT WAITTT she's still on probation and she isn't off the hook completely…  SueLyn Medeiros still has to complete 10 AA classes and the judge gave her until December 24 to do so ... or else...

TMZ reported that phone calls to SueLyn have not been returned.

DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT condone drunk driving ... no matter how Hot and Sexy you may be.